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How Many COVID Compliance Documents Could You Save With Back-to-Work?

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Increase Staff Confidence & Utilization

Decrease Corporate Liability: 
Protect Against Potential Future Litigation

How It Works

Your employees receive daily 30-sec surveys (mobile or web)

HR is assigned a checklist 
of to do’s

Checklist shows up on your dashboard

Risks are detected with alerts for your appropriate mitigation steps

Be careful with simple contact tracing apps. They only see participation rates of under 2%.

The EEOC requires employee health data be stored separately from your primary HR system.

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Cloud-Based Platform

Proactive communication, workflow management, and automatic task assignments with reminders and alerts make it easy to streamline your internal team processes.    

Automation Built In

Deploys in Hours

Our template and data-driven approach allows you to quickly launch and update the system when need without a software release, as we adapt to your business needs and as safety protocols evolve.

HIPAA & ADA Compliant 

The EEOC requires employee health data be stored separately from your HR system. Collect employees health-related feedback while remaining in compliance with HIPAA and ADA.

Auto Updates 

Processes are changing by the CDC and state officials continuously. That’s why Cordata’s platform adapts easily and quickly to new requirements.

Flexible Reporting 

You get executive dashboards, individual task management reports, and employee reports which can be segmented by multiple tags.  

Follow up action items are assigned to your team based on specific employee responses.

View in real time which tasks are progressing and which ones need your immediate attention.  

• No Cost to Implement 

• Deploys in Hours

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Did you know? 

Based on state and CDC guidelines, employers are required to retain symptoms and record assessments.  Healthcare records must be kept in a separate system, outside of the HR system.  The ADA also requires any medical history documentation be saved for 1 year. 

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