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8170 Corporate Park Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45242

Copyright 2019 Cordata Healthcare Innovations, LLC

8170 Corporate Park Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45242

Copyright 2019 Cordata Healthcare Innovations, LLC

Cordata Back-to-Work: Explore the Features


Gain Peace of Mind with Safety Standards for All Employees

The Documentation Burden is Real


140 employees working M-F 9-5pm, Best case of 0 test positive for COVID-19 over 12-months

"We're impressed with the comprehensive nature of the product. It's not like the simpler apps and text-based products, and fully integrates with our HR system."

– Sarah, VP Wellness

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The COVID-19 Employee Tracking Platform

Case identification

Identify employees that require assessment. This could be due to a reported absence, tripping an onsite sensor like a temperature screen, or being sent home sick.  

Test tracking

Keep track of who’s been tested for COVID-19, where, and when. If needed, request employees sign a consent to obtain results.

Impact reporting

Provide reports and dashboards to the management team about the impact of COVID-19 on the health and availability of the workforce.

Case assessment

Triage symptoms, exposures, and possible risks. Indicate if employee can return to work or requires additional follow up.

Case management

Follow up with employees who are unable to work using standard protocols. Employ regular automated communication to check health. Plan back to work availability.

Facilities integration (optional)

Integrate with badging and other facility control systems to prevent sick or uncleared employees from entering the premises.

Exposure notification

For symptomatic employees, identify others that they had close, sustained contact with and create additional cases for assessment.

Employee engagement

Remind, encourage, and educate employees using regular communication (email & SMS) about safety protocols, policies, symptoms, and what to do if sick.

Mobile alerts

Make it easy for employees to respond. Employees get alerts on their mobile phone with a survey.

Employee compliance

Require employees to respond. If they don’t respond, you get pinged and can offset any employee complacency.

One central location

Store all COVID-19 information in one central location.  EEOC requires this data be separate from HR systems.

• Cancel Anytime 

• Monthly Pricing Available

• No Cost to Implement 

• Deploys in Hours

Real-Time Alerts & Notifications

Documentation Made Easy

Streamlined SOPs

Centralized Source of Information

Employer admin

Upload employee and manager list. 
Add/remove employees and users as needed.