50% Increase in Breast Cancers by 2030

Posted by Cam McClellan Teems

April 28, 2015 at 9:30 AM


The National Cancer Institute just published a report saying there will be a 50% increase in breast cancer cases in the next 15 years. Lets don't just wait for the cases to surface. Proactive and custom screening is one solution. Cordata Oncology allows you to capture both a patient's risk (NCI Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool) and their density category at the time of screening. Leveraging these results together allows for custom screening for your patient pool and often a closer look for the presence of cancer or an interval detection.

Cordata also is ready to interface with your mammography tracking system, RIS or EHR to assist with navigating patients through an organized screening and high risk program - long before there is a diagnosis.


Topics: EHRs, breast cancer, Screening

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