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Brent Walker is EVP & Chief Marketing Officer of c2b solutions and SVP of Marketing & Analytics for PatientBond. His responsibilities include leading marketing strategy and execution, research on healthcare consumers’ motivations and behaviors, and providing marketing guidance to clients. Prior to co-founding c2b solutions, Brent spent 20 years at P&G in healthcare marketing.

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Advancing Beyond Patient Engagement to Behavior Change

Posted by Brent Walker

July 13, 2016 at 1:40 PM

It’s a Brave New World in medicine, evolving under the increasing influence of consumerism and the rise of value-based payment models. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is further catalyzing this trend, basing reimbursement for care given to federally covered patients on medical outcomes, patient satisfaction and keeping patients from readmitting to the hospital.

While physician incentives are changing, success also depends largely on whether patients follow through on recommendations, prescriptions and lifestyle changes. The excellent care delivered within the walls of a practice or hospital may not follow patients once they are home and left to their own devices. It is critical that patients understand what they need to do to get and stay healthy, and to be motivated to take these steps. That’s why patient engagement is so important.

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Topics: outcomes data, Navigation & Care Coordination, Barriers to Care, Patient Engagement, Value-Based Care

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