Care Coordination and Increased Patient Loyalty

Posted by Cordata Health

September 29, 2015 at 10:03 AM


At Cordata, we have always believed that care coordination helps promote patient engagement. A new research report from Press Ganey, highlights that it’s also a critical driver of patient loyalty:

“This research implies that coordination of care supersedes all other drivers,” the note confirms. “When patients felt that personnel worked well together and their care was coordinated, items such as cleanliness of the rooms emerged, followed on both sides of the tree by empathy on the part of nurses.”

Communication and access to information were key drivers as well, which are of course two other outcomes of care coordination.

Other key factors include the notion that staff care about patients as individuals and that patients are kept well-informed of delays.

People, not patients – that’s one of our mantras here at Cordata, and it’s a concept that baked into our approach to care coordination. Processes and tools must be designed to help human beings needing treatment to navigate the challenges to care, which often have to do with logistical or practical problems, like getting transportation. This study also shows just how important these factors may be in the overall relationship with patients.

The full research note is available here.

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