Client Spotlight: PinnacleHealth Spine Institute

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April 17, 2013 at 4:39 AM


We are lucky to work with incredibly talented individuals and very successful spine centers across the country. Sometimes, perfect opportunities arise to collaborate with experts in spine care organization and experts in clinical care on the same project. Such an opportunity presented itself in 2009, when we collaborated with Patrick Vega, in coordination with Marshall Steele & Associates, and PinnacleHealth. The result of this project was the creation of the PinnacleHealth Spine Institute.

Patrick Vega, with Vega Healthcare, is one of our strategic partners who has previously contributed to this blog. Patrick has written a Client Spotlight about our project with PinnacleHealth, summarizing the purpose of the project, challenges faced and results achieved. It is our hope that our clients’ stories will motivate and inspire other spine programs to seek better coordination of services, increased communication between specialists and, ultimately, better patient care.

The following is the introduction to the Client Spotlight on the PinnacleHealth Spine Institute. You can read the entire article here.

PinnacleHealth, based in Central Pennsylvania, is comprised of Harrisburg Hospital and Community General Hospital, with a third hospital to open in 2014. The spine program is in place at both hospitals. One of the core goals of the PinnacleHealth Spine Institute is to provide a consistent level of quality care across both campuses. In 2009, prior to development of the Spine Institute, PinnacleHealth’s primary objective was to create a Spine Center of Excellence. By identifying strategies to grow the market share and geographic reach of PinnacleHealth for spine, the system and its physicians could serve a larger patient and medical professional base with comprehensive services of exceptional quality.

Pinnacle had a large staff of orthopedic, neurosurgical and other specialty spine physicians providing services at two campuses, Harrisburg Hospital and Community General Hospital PinnacleHealth had an opportunity to be the leading provider of spine care in both its primary service area and regionally in Central Pennsylvania. The system had many of the elements of spine care; however, the services were fragmented, resulting in less collaboration with medical staff, loss of market share and the absence of a programmatic platform for continual service improvement. Vega Healthcare, in coordination with Marshall Steele & Associates, conducted an assessment of PinnacleHealth’s spine services and recommended development of inpatient spine programming and comprehensive outpatient services. PinnacleHealth engaged Marshall Steele & Associates to support the development of inpatient spine services.

Read the rest of the  Client Spotlight on the PinnacleHealth Spine Institute and let us know what you think. Have you faced any of the challenges or opportunities faced by PinnacleHealth?

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