Cordata and Commission on Cancer Standard Adherence

Posted by Cam McClellan Teems

March 26, 2015 at 11:00 AM


Cordata Oncology keeps abreast all of the Commission on Cancer standards, and their updates.  This is key to the features of our product now and in the future.  Cordata Oncology assists its clients in their efforts to meet the following new 2015 CoC Standards:  3.1 Patient Navigation, 3.2 Psychosocial Distress Screening , 3.3 Survivorship and E3 Cancer Conference Policy.  The Survivorship tab in Cordata Oncology allows for printing of a Treatment Summary and the Survivorship Plan of record.  This can result in a hard copy for the patient illustrating the end of active treatment and a pdf of the plan/summary combo for attachment within the EMR and to forward to the Treatment Team. Our Support Services tab allows for ongoing Distress Surveys and reminders of intervals for contacting the patients.  In addition, our Conference Tab supports Conference Agenda-building for E3 such as recording final treatment plans by patient and recording of Conference frequency/attendance.  

If you have any questions about your current use of Cordata contact your support team or if you want to have access to our comprehensive care management solution for your Cancer Center or Program, contact our sales team


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