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June 8, 2016 at 4:39 PM



The Cincinnati Business Courier recently featured Cordata Healthcare Innovations in a story about the company’s partnership with PatientBond. The piece highlights how Cordata users can now take advantage of personalized and automated communications (including emails, texts and phone calls) to track patients at risk of missing appointments, not taking their medicines or otherwise deviating from their care plans.

“This capability is especially useful for care coordination programs that feel understaffed and overwhelmed,” said Gary Winzenread, CEO of Cordata, was quoted as saying. “Beyond making coordinators more productive, this new features helps hospitals develop and sustain strong and personalized relationships with people needing care for complex or chronic conditions.”

Casey Albertson of PatientBond focused on the need to move past patient engagement to meaningful behavior change as a means to improve patient outcomes and reduce outmigration. He added, “Thanks to Cordata’s focus on critical specialties, the partnership will also have a significant impact on hospital profitability, both today and in future risk-based payment models

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