GI Oncology Navigation Delivers Results

Posted by Cam McClellan Teems

May 10, 2016 at 1:32 PM


At the 2nd annual Oncology Nurse Advisor Navigation Summit, Teresa Labovich, MSN, RN, OCN, of Penrose Cancer Center, a hospital-based community cancer center located in Colorado Springs, gave a presentation covering quality of care indicators based on evidence and national standards. The presentation also described how her multi-disciplinary care team took specific actions designed to improve both the quality and timeliness of care for GI oncology patients.

The program delivered improved patient outcomes and increased adherence to NCCN guidelines and National Benchmark recommendations for timeliness of care for the Cancer Center’s GI oncology patients, based on data collected over three years.

The full report is here, but the critical points about the results:

  • Interventions were focused on identifying the causes of high-output stoma (HOS) in certain patients and correcting correcting fluid and electrolyte disturbances and resolving nutritional issues.
  • The oncology navigators are also responsible for communications with physicians and other stakeholders in the care team, coordinating follow-up care and tests, and tracking pathology and other reports.
  • Importantly, the multidisciplinary care team reviews data during quarterly meetings.
  • Over seven quarters, the program achieved a 94% compliance rate with universal screening for Lynch Syndrome.
  • Thanks to education assessments and interventions, the program achieved a 13% reduction in postoperative readmissions and emergency department visits among patients with ileostomies.
  • Oncology navigators worked with outpatient dietitians to establish a consistent process for assessing patients and documenting the need for pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy for certain patients.

Topics: ROI, oncology, outcomes data, Navigation & Care Coordination

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