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Posted by Michael Graham

August 28, 2013 at 12:15 AM


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A few weeks ago, we heard from Tom Rosenberger of the Mayfield Clinic and Spine Institute on the importance of incorporating social media as part of your overall marketing strategy .While further researching this topic, our team found a fantastic presentation on SlideShare ,created by Chris Boyer, AVP, of Digital Strategy at North Shore-LIJ Health System.I had the pleasure of working with Chris while establishing Priority Consult Spine at the Inova Spine Institute

Chris’ presentation, titled “Social Media equals ROI? – Measuring your hospital’s social media efforts,” demonstrates a comprehensive review of the use of social media within a hospital system.I suggest you take a moment to review the whole presentation , but I would like to highlight some of my favorite parts.

I really appreciate the concept of a “Continuum of (I Don’t) Care,” illustrating how your potential patients are consuming information about you while online.  I might argue about the placement of some of these tools in his graphic, but I cannot disagree with the importance of aiming your content to the “researching” sweet spot.

Social Media Establishes Relevance

Hospital budgets are stretched, and defining real returns from your social media activities is important. The presentation also provides a handy chart to evaluate your social media activities, helping you to track each social media outlet, its function and the criteria you can use to measure its impact.

The presentation concludes with examples of how successful participation in social media will:

* Create new business
* Reduce marketing and communication costs
* Drive patient loyalty
* Promote wellness

How many social media networks has your hospital established? Are you “a mile wide and an inch deep?” Actively engaging with patients on LinkedIn,Facebook,Twitter and YouTube is a tremendously effective way to get your message out – as long as you put in the work to cultivate an active following. At Priority Consult, we are now studying the value of Google+ participation (and its impact on search engine rankings). Who is in our circle? Do you have one, yet?

Both the post from Tom and the presentation from Chris highlight an important fact of life for hospitals and specialty centers: in today’s environment, you ignore social media at your own risk.

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