How to Protect Healthcare Data the Right Way: Lessons Learned from a HIPAA Audit

Posted by Cordata Health

January 13, 2016 at 6:00 AM


Gary Winzenread, CEO and President of Cordata Healthcare Innovations, recently contributed an article to Beckers’ Health IT & CIO Review. The article, “Confidence, Compliance and the Cloud: 6 Lessons Learned from a HIPAA Audit,” highlights some of the challenges involved in achieving HIPAA compliance for a small, agile organization.

Citing recent Cordata experience, Gary emphasizes the need to view HIPAA compliance as “a part of the general operating landscape” in the healthcare industry. While it can be an arduous process, the reality is that protecting patient data in an increasingly cloud-based world is critical. Third-party vendors are frequent targets for cybercriminals, and medical information is a gold mine for any crook looking to commit identity theft.

After conducting a security assessment, Gary summarized the experience:

“We learned a great deal about what it really means to comply with government regulations and how the right partners and advisors can help small organizations and companies, such as ours. While we didn't face huge hurdles to compliance or identify any major risks, there were some issues uncovered that we had to address.”

Read the full article on the Beckers’ Health IT & CIO Review website and stay tuned to the Cordata blog for more of Gary’s insights.

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