The High Impact of Screening Navigation

Posted by Cam McClellan Teems

December 17, 2014 at 2:20 PM


We spend most of our time talking about the imperative navigation and management needs of affected patients...access to transportation, financial toxicity of a diagnosis, non compliance with oral chemo, etc.  However, we also cannot lose sight of Harold Freeman's original research - navigation's largest impact on mortality exists in the screening arena.


Are you utilizing Cordata Oncology in a "whole continuum" navigation approach to ensure screening navigation occurs?  Do you have Screening or Intake Navigators focused only on the continuum before diagnosis? Our system allows you to focus on the entire continuum from functions involving prevention, screening, detection, and diagnosis through to treatment and survivorship monitoring.



Cordata Oncology helps you ensure that patients who have scheduled mammograms or other procedures keep their appointments (those that miss, have a reminder left open to follow up on their reason for missing and allow for easy reschedule).  

We recently worked with a client who discovered over 5% of their patients had not had a mammogram in 2 years.  Surprisingly this is not an uncommon finding today…with the misunderstanding of the USPSTF Guidelines, even referring physicians are unsure of when to begin ordering mammograms for patients as well as recommending how often they should be screened. Identifying and accessing these patients could result in a substantial revenue impact while decreasing leakage due to patient non-compliance with screening recommendations. Imagine the possibilities if you could easily identify 2500 patients that needed a mammogram. If each mammogram resulted in an estimated $250 of revenue, you’d find yourself with $625,000 solely in mammogram-based revenues.

Action Item: Have you run your numbers recently on missing mammogram appointments?  Let us help you take control of this area of your patient pool and impact your community in ways you hadn't dreamed of.    

Current Clients who want to be sure they are leveraging the screening benefits of Cordata Oncology:

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