To Address Breast Cancer Globally, Three Things Are Essential

Posted by Cam McClellan Teems

December 22, 2014 at 3:13 PM


At one of the opening sessions of the 37th Annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, Dr. Benjamin Anderson of the University of Washington spoke on breast cancer as a worldwide health problem. He said: “First, you need awareness. Women need to be educated about the disease, so they know that treatment can help. In many regions, fatalism is still an obstacle.”  Here at Cordata, we hear this from our current clients - even those in wealthy socio economic areas.  In 2014, women are still afraid to investigate a symptom or get a mammogram for fear of the potential result.

Are you using unique methods to interact with women who have missed their mammograms to remind them of their importance? Do you utilize our Cordata Oncology queues to mark and follow up on women who are no-shows for mammograms?  Do you use the free PSA campaigns such as Mammography Saves Lives from the American College of Radiology to communicate to your community? Do you offer a Catch-up Saturday in December where women who have missed mammograms can come without an appointment and "catch up" their screening before the benefit year wraps up?  

"Second, there needs to be an infrastructure. You need a system to provide care,” he considered. Implementing a delivery system takes more than just funds, but the cooperation of local authorities as well.  The Cordata Oncology system allows local Health Departments to navigate patients to your hospital for treatment.  Have you thought about referring your local Health Department's BCCCP Program to Cordata to become a user location?  

“Third, women need to be empowered to get care,” he said. “In many places, women need a man’s permission to go see a doctor. We need to address that.” 

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