CIOs Who Get It: Clinical Input and Patient Focus Must Guide IT Decisions

Posted by Gary Winzenread

April 4, 2016 at 7:00 AM

Given the fast-and-furious pace of change in healthcare IT and the craze for consolidation around multi-million dollar EMR systems, it’s refreshing to come across hospital CIOs who get the strategic big-picture. Consider these two perspectives.                                                                                            

Sue Schade, the CIO at University Hospitals Health System in Cleveland, OH, believes a “holistic approach” and a focus on patient engagement and better patient outcomes are essential to getting more value from healthcare technology investments. Without those, there is real risk of wasting tech dollars. The key is to recognize that all healthcare technology – from EMRs to mobile apps – must be evaluated in terms of its ability to drive better patient experience and better outcomes:

“Making the appointment, checking in, checking out, handling your co-pay, and getting referrals scheduled should be simple, consistent and, most importantly, patient centered.”

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Topics: ROI, EHRs, health IT, outcomes data, electronic medical record

Can You Teach An Old EMR New Tricks?

Posted by Laura Venerable

June 5, 2015 at 5:12 PM

If you work in healthcare, you hear a lot about big data and analytics. Reading industry news or attending conferences, you see millions of dollars and years of effort being invested in technology designed for business intelligence.  In a survey of the over 43,000 attendees at HIMSS, of one of the biggest industry conferences of the year, a significant 41% said data analytics was their number one business priority in the next year.  This was followed by patient care at 40%, attesting to Meaningful Use at 27%, and patient engagement at 18%.  But in spite of analytics being a top priority, a staggering, 81% then said they had no idea what data to collect or where to start.

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Improving Healthcare Technology: How to Get Beyond “Bad Tech”

Posted by Tom Hammergren

June 2, 2015 at 10:39 AM

Everyone agrees that technology is critical to the future of healthcare – both to delivering better outcomes to people who need treatment and to managing the business of healthcare more effectively. Why then does technology often feel more like a problem than a solution?

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Topics: financial data, EHRs, outcomes data, electronic medical record, Navigation & Care Coordination

Two Types of Interfaces Oncology Navigators Need

Posted by Cordata Health

December 17, 2012 at 7:35 AM

Interface Pic
Today, every new cancer center we work with asks, “Can you interface with our other health information systems?” This is a question that we did not often hear 5 years ago, but as electronic health records become more widely used, it is becoming one of the first questions we receive from interested oncology centers. To answer that question, I say, “Yes. The next thing you need to ask me is, what interface will help me the most?” We offer interfaces , at minimal expense, that will have the greatest impact for nurse navigators.

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