Care Coordination

What's happened, what should happen next and what steps are necessary for at-risk patients

The Effective Approach

The Cordata care coordination platform empowers coordinators to collect and share a holistic view of a patient across the care continuum and amongst the entire care team, resulting in personalized, cost-effective care. By aggregating data across the patient population, organizations can gain insight into and manage risk, and measure long-term clinical outcomes.

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Using Cordata’s care coordination platform, organizations can:
  • 1

    Track patient and referral volumes, identifying patterns and gaps

  • 2

    Manage risks, co-morbidities and non-compliance across the patient population

  • 3

    Use automated tasks and alerts to focus on the most critical needs of patients

  • 4

    Generate a 360 degree panorama for a patient to improve decision making across the care team

  • 5

    Use care pathways and checklists to deliver evidence-based protocols

  • 6

    Identify and manage patient barriers to compliance to improve outcomes

  • 7

    Monitor key performance indicators and metrics like lag times, patient satisfaction, and no-show rates

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