Why Cordata?

Most behavioral health programs are challenged to consistently assess incoming patients from many different referring locations and struggle to maintain complete lists of providers, services and locations available to their patient population. Patients are referred from multiple locations – including specialties like ortho, spine, comprehensive pain and oncology with frequent behavioral health co-morbidities. Programs generally need to engage and coordinate multi-disciplinary clinical teams for effective treatments.

Cordata Behavioral Health enables healthcare to coordinate behavioral health patients throughout their treatment journeys, which can last a lifetime.

  • A simple-to-use triage component identifies the source of the referral and appropriately directs patients for initial care.
  • A comprehensive patient record includes all prior history and treatments as part of a longitudinal view that includes the current care plan.
  • A cloud-based architecture makes this information available to all members of the care team, regardless of their local EMRs, enabling clinicians to collaborate, effectively monitor treatment progress and refine the care plan over time.
  • Cordata’s patient engagement capabilities prompt patients to undergo routine distress assessments, quickly identify symptoms that can lead to readmissions and prompt proactive and corrective actions.

Using Cordata Cardiovascular, Healthcare Organizations Can:

Cordata Bariatrics Software


More consistently assess the patient’s medical history upon initial referral


Appropriately and consistently direct patients into initial treatment, based on clinical programs, care settings and location


Decrease outmigration and non-compliance through frequent and proactive follow-up


Enable collaboration within multi-disciplinary clinical teams through a central, cloud-based coordination system


Improve interaction and awareness between patients’ co-morbid specialty programs


Automate collection of patient-reported outcomes of distress, psychological state and other symptoms

Product Features

Referral Tracking icon

Referral Tracking

Track source of referrals for behavioral health services

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Care Plan

Track patients through a long-term treatment plan executed by primary care, pain management, behavioral health, or community addiction centers

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Patient Engagement

Educate and communicate with patients to influence behavioral changes

Custom Intake icon

Custom Intake

Identify patients with behavioral health issues that must be addressed in conjunction with medical treatment

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Coordination Reminders

Establish appropriate follow-up with patient and community providers to track compliance and resolve issues

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Identify and monitor preparation and rehabilitation activities to improve outcomes

Increase Patients. Decrease Costs. Increase Revenue.

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