Why Cordata?

Palliative care programs are challenged to access medically-necessary referrals at varying stages of palliative care – from pain management or psychosocial distress management during treatment to complex end-of-life care (hospice). Patients can be self-referred or referred from multiple complex specialties like orthopedics, cardiology, oncology, etc. Cordata easily integrates Palliative Care into its complex specialties or offers it as a stand-alone product.

Cordata understands that Palliative Care is a necessary complementary service to most complex diseases and needs to go hand-in-hand with those care coordination activities. Our palliative care product is easily deployed in tandem with our other complex disease products like oncology or musculoskeletal disease to ensure multidisciplinary case coordination and management.

Using Cordata Palliative Care, Healthcare Organizations Can:

Cordata Bariatrics Software


Ease of patient case referral from complex disease to palliative care


Information sharing and collaboration from complex disease team to palliative care team


Access to care plans/pathways like CARES, national organizations, the AHRQ Guideline Clearinghouse – or your own proprietary pathways

Product Features

Referral Tracking icon

Referral Tracking

Track source of referrals for pain management and identify educational opportunities for community providers

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Care Plan

Track patients through a long-term treatment plan executed by primary care, pain management, behavioral health, or community addiction centers

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Patient Engagement

Educate and communicate with patients to influence behavioral changes

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Custom Intake

Identify those who have behavioral health issues that must be addressed in conjunction with medical treatment

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Coordination Reminders

Establish appropriate follow-up with patient and community providers to track compliance and resolve issues

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Identify and monitor both preparation and rehabilitation activities that improve outcomes

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