Hospitals and healthcare organizations rely on Cordata spine care coordination solutions to navigate spine patients efficiently and effectively across complex treatment plans.

Cordata Spine is a HIPAA-compliant, web-based tool that helps surgeons and physicians assess patient acuity and coordinate the recommended care across multiple specialists, locations and treatment disciplines. The system complements EMRs, tracking treatment events, results and outcomes unique to the spine specialty. Coordinated care is proven to reduce costs, improve efficiency, increase patient satisfaction, boost practice loyalty, and most importantly – improve health outcomes. With more than 80% of the population experiencing low back pain or spine problems, can you afford not to differentiate your spine program with coordinated care?
  • Demographic and insurance information
  • Primary care physician and referral sources
  • Prior treatment, medication and medical history
  • Diagnostic tests and results
  • Work history
  • Litigation questions
  • Pain, numbness and other specialty-related issues
  • Symptom history, including “red-fl ag” symptoms
  • Acuity assessments
  • Treatment and diagnostic recommendations
  • Patient consent
  • Appointment details and reminders
  • Prioritized to-do lists
  • Educational materials
  • Notes on interactions and shared decision making
  • Care plan summaries
  • Follow-up plans
  • Oswestry
  • Neck Disability Index
  • STarT Back Tool and Psychosocial Screening
  • PHQ-9 Depression Index
  • Satisfaction and Return to Work