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Get the real-time, collaborative data you need to run your deflection program as effectively as possible.

Cordata is built with HIPAA compliance and confidentiality in mind. Our platform creates a safe space where you can share the data that your team needs, without worrying about security or compliance concerns. 

Stay compliant and share data with peace of mind.

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Heatmap views

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Client overview sheets

help team members focus their efforts where they can have the biggest impact. Streamline your team’s processes in harm reduction programs like clean needle exchanges, and pinpoint the best areas for community outreach and cold calls.

allow team members to make well-informed decisions about the best treatment options. See the most recent events from all relevant organizations and touchpoints to notice behavioral patterns that can help guide your next action and increase the likelihood of successful treatment.

update in real time so team members can get the data they need in the moment they need it. No more requesting reports from a third party or designated team member — any user can generate reports in order to guide their decisions and actions when it’s most convenient for them.

Self-generated reports

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Your team is constantly on the move — don’t let data logging slow you down.

Cordata’s Community Navigation Platform is browser-based, meaning you can access it on any computer or mobile device connected to the internet. Log cases while you’re out in the field, in the ER, or back at the office.

Even the most advanced software features are useless if you don’t know how to best fit them into your workflow. 

That’s why Cordata’s Customer Success team is here for ongoing guidance and support as you grow your program.

With Cordata, you don’t just get software—you get a relationship with a dedicated team member committed to making that software work for your situation. Our customer success team doesn’t disappear after the contract is signed. They’re there with you every step of the way, offering expert advice from people who have seen dozens of deflection programs implemented across different communities.

Let our customer success team take you on a tour of some of the most impactful features of the Cordata platform: 

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View case density in a heatmap to understand where to focus efforts

Heatmap Views

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Easily update status of individuals in your system to keep treatment providers up to date and get a high level view of your program.

Episode Status Tracking

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Maximize your time and plot out your day by viewing all the clients within a certain radius. 

Appointment Maps

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Get a glimpse of the most recent events, interactions, treatments, appointments, case workers, treatment providers, and others involved in a particular case on one page to help guide your next move. 

Overview Sheets


Set reminders for yourself or team members to keep everyone on track

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View all events and interactions for a case on the same record, shared across all users and programs to aid in holistic, data-based decision making.

Complete Case History 

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HIPAA Compliant 
Data Sharing

Cordata is built with HIPAA compliance inmind to keep your medical data safe and legal. 

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Self-Generated Reporting

Get reports when and where you need them. No more waiting on a support ticket or a designated team member in order to look atthe data that your team members need in order to be most effective right now.

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Resource Library

Easily review software features through self-service training videos, user guides, and system updates.

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Track overdoses, response activities, and referrals across jurisdictions

Holistic Client Timeline

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