Cordata Patient Engagement Solutions

Evidence continues to support the link between engaged patients and improved outcomes that also results in higher patient satisfaction. Because of this, patient engagement may be essential to a healthcare organization’s financial viability under emerging pay-for-performance models. To achieve these benefits healthcare organizations must change how they interact with patients. Healthcare is becoming more consumer-centric, making it important that providers offer tools that cater to patient preferences.

Why Cordata?

Care coordinators can play a pivotal role in engaging patients and supporting collaboration across the entire care team. Combined with the personal touch care coordinators can offer, the right communication in the right format can engage patients and inspire behavior changes. Cordata’s patient engagement technology collects information directly from the patient, such as PROs, and can communicate information to the patient that improves health and results in better compliance with treatment plans.

Cordata’s patient engagement solution uses psychographic profiling, a proven approach to changing human behavior, to optimize communication and empower patients to take ownership of their health. Strategic changes to wording and requests, and the use of preferred channels (email, phone or text), result in unprecedented response rates. When combined with a care coordinator, health organizations can expect response rates of up to 50% or more for initial interactions and an 80-90% achievement of care goals over time.

Using Cordata for Patient Engagement, health care organizations can

  • 1

    Better compliance with treatment and medication therapy

  • 2

    Fewer ER visits, readmissions, and less overutilization of services

  • 3

    Fewer no-shows and better follow-up for scheduling

  • 4

    Improved patient satisfaction and loyalty to hospital and health system brands

  • 5

    Efficient collection of patient-reported outcomes for performance-based reimbursement (e.g., CJR)

  • 6

    Increased coordination staff efficiency and productivity

  • 7

    More effective patient communications

Product Features

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Personalized Communication

Identify a patient’s preferences and decision making needs using a simple 12 item survey

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Mhealth Ready

Use the most effective channels and mobile technology - SMS text, email, integrated voice - to reach and engage patients

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Patient Alerts

Receive alerts when patients do not respond, or respond in a way that indicates a potential problem

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Multi-Language Support

Communicate with patients in their preferred language, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and others

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Education and Follow-Up

Provide follow-up and educational materials to change patient behavior

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Patient Reported Outcomes

Integrate patient reported outcomes (PRO) into care planning

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