Patient Engagement

Automation + Personalization = Outstanding Results

True Patient Engagement

To be effective, patient engagement activities and content must be specific to certain conditions and treatment types. Ideally, patients and their care givers become active members of the care team – understanding what they must do to get better. In practice that means having tools to deliver:

  • Timely updates to providers on changes in patients' conditions, such as an increases in pain, as way to reduce readmissions, ED visits and overall risk
  • Personalized messaging in formats and channels patients prefer (e.g., text message or phone call), and with the frequency and language that is proven to drive desired behaviors
  • Automation of basic communications, such as reminders and follow-ups, so human coordinators can focus on the highest-risk patients, where they can make a difference

True engagement requires proactive and personalized outreach – not just passive portals. Hospitals can learn from best practices that were defined in other industries (like financial services, retail and ecommerce).

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