Care Coordination Roundtable

Air Date: 03/21/18  |  Length: 58:27

Roundtable discussion by care coordination experts discussing the use of care coordination strategies across national hospitals, what its definition is, what its role is in the hospital setting, how to create care coordination synergy across service lines and much more.

High level rationale for the discussion/sample questions roundtable members will discuss:

  • There are so many different versions of care coordination going on across the United States. Some call it navigation or care coordination, some call it care management.  What is the difference, in your mind?
  • Is navigation disease specific? Is care management just the organization of general patient activities like discharge, education, etc and when you add the layer of a care plans or algorithms for a disease - that makes it care "management"?
  • Many hospital are just renaming their case management departments as care coordination - is this the right way to go?
  • Is there any feasible reimbursement REALLY being leveraged by hospitals for care coordination activities such as Chronic Care Management or Transitional Care Management?


  • Ellis “Mac“ Knight, MD, MBA - Senior Vice President & Chief Medical Officer, Coker Group
  • Kimberly Zukowski, LMSW, CCM - Director of Care Coordination, WellStar Cobb Hospital
  • Stefani Daniels, Founder & Managing Partner - Phoenix Medical Management, Inc., The Hospital Case Management Experts