Spine Solutions

  • Helps establish integrated care network by promoting communications among clinicians – PCPs, surgeons, specialists – throughout the continuum of care
  • Facilitates intake of spine-specific patient histories for productive office visits and expedited care where necessary
  • Enables clinician-driven triage for proper routing to next treatment and better timeliness of care
  • Supports long-term and detailed patient tracking for increased engagement for enhanced experience, better outcomes and higher patient satisfaction
  • Tracks clinical outcomes using built-in protocols to identify best practices and benchmark outcomes
  • Improves reporting capabilities to streamline gold seal accreditation to attract PCPs, extend referral networks and gain market share

Cordata helps hospitals and healthcare organizations overcome the disconnected silos that house critical data that – when integrated and combined – provide a complete, accurate and timely view of patient histories. Currently, it’s time consuming and expensive – requiring lots and lots of manual, duplicative data entry – to gain such views.

Cordata complements EHR systems by collecting data and making it available for sharing across the treatment plans and care paths. Further, Cordata gives physicians, care coordinators and management access to:

  • Specialty-driven workflows
  • Patient monitoring tools
  • Data exchanges that are compliant with HIPPA and the HL7 standard – and set the stage for meaningful use regulations
logo-salem-healthWith multiple providers involved, the spine care process can be difficult to navigate – for both patients and physicians. Successful outcomes require effective coordination especially at important community hospitals.

Salem Spine Center improves time to treatment through reduced complexity and effective spine triage. MORE


(Especially spine outcomes data)

Cordata captures clinical outcomes data:

  • Oswestry
  • Neck Disability Index
  • STarT Back Tool
  • PHQ-9
  • Womac
  • Satisfaction and Return to Work

Creating Algorithms for Better Outcomes

Maurice Collada Jr., MD
Board-Certified Neurosurgeon
Director, Salem Spine Center

Find out how the Salem Spine Center created clinical algorithms for evidence-based spine care and used best practices to monitor and track patients.