Patient Engagement

Automation + Personalization = Outstanding Results

True Patient Engagement

Using Cordata, health organizations can go beyond health records to create rich, meaningful relationships with patients. Communication between the patient and the entire care team flourishes, resulting in better decisions and ultimately better and more cost-effective outcomes.

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Using Cordata patient engagement, organizations can:
  • 1

    Collect symptoms and changes in conditions directly from patients to drive shared decisions and patient participation

  • 2

    Automate routine communications to free coordinators to focus on the most critical patients

  • 3

    Personalize patient communications to drive changes in behavior

  • 4

    Use effective channels, such as email or SMS, to reach patients and increase response rates

  • 5

    Generate intervention alerts to avoid readmissions or costly ER/urgent care episodes

  • 6

    Increase patient satisfaction by engaging patients and opening communication channels

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