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Patient Engagement is so 2015....Patient Behavior Modification is Where You Will Find the ROI

As hospital systems, tertiary care centers and centers of excellence strive to meet payer outcomes objectives and manage patient behavior around treatment plan compliance, medication adherence, risk management, etc., they are finding general patient engagement is just not enough. Not only do systems and COEs need to efficiently reach patients, they need to assist the patients with actual behavior change consistent with personal motivations and priorities.

With PatientBond and its highly predictive, psychographic segmentation model, users are able to identify more effective ways of motivating positive health behaviors among healthcare consumers based on their attitudes, values and “health personalities.” PatientBond then delivers customized communications to healthcare consumers based on these insights, using channels such as email, text messages and phone calls, to address important issues like medication adherence, chronic care management (CCM), hospital readmission avoidance and wellness education.

Hear about PatientBond's success stories – for example:

  • Significant reduction in patient readmissions and nurse FTE follow-up support for spinal surgery at a prestigious New England hospital
  • Twenty-two percent reduction in missed appointments for a health system focused on Medicaid, Hispanic and underserved populations
  • Increased payment collection for a network of Urgent Care centers
  • …and so much more during this information-packed session!

Casey Albertson

President and COO, PatientBond

Casey has over thirty years of sales, marketing and operational leadership experience in healthcare services, healthcare products and consumer products at Procter & Gamble. Casey was EVP at MDVIP (Concierge Medicine), VP Managed Markets for pharmaceutical division and led numerous innovation initiatives. Casey has extensive experience in healthcare, consumer marketing and psychographic profiling. Casey holds a BBA in Marketing from Iowa State.


Anurag Juneja

CEO, PatientBond

Anurag has over twenty years of experience in technology leadership roles in the Digital Customer Engagement space. Anurag was most recently the SVP of WW Solutions and Services at eGain Corporation where he led teams responsible for selling, designing and implementing innovative customer experience solutions for large enterprises across Retail, Insurance, Healthcare and Telecommunications verticals. Anurag has a unique blend of business and technical expertise and is most passionate about ensuring client success. Anurag holds a Bachelors in Technology from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, and MS and PhD degrees from Yale University.