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The 71% Webinar Series: Gaining Control of Your Most Expensive Patients

It is estimated that 145M people in the US have at least one chronic condition and 100M are multi-morbid with two or more. Those 100M patients represent 71% of current healthcare spend. Join us for (30) thirty minutes and take a deeper dive into your 71%.

High level rationale for the discussion:

  1. Who are your 71% and how are they impacting healthcare and your bottom line
  2. Value Based Care – what do tractors have to do with healthcare
  3. How Care Coordination is key to changing the architecture of healthcare
  4. Details about upcoming The 71% Webinar Series - content and industry experts?
Gary Winzenread Cordata

Gary Winzenread

Chief Executive Officer & President, Cordata Healthcare Innovations

Gary M. Winzenread co-founded Cordata Healthcare Innovations in 2014 and serves as its President and Chief Executive Officer. Previously, he was Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Streamline Health, where he led a re-architecture of Streamline's flagship product that resulted in an increase in company value of almost $100M. Prior to Streamline, Gary founded his own technology consulting company, was twice named to his city's Fastest Growing Companies list while growing at or above 100% for three consecutive years, and then successfully sold to Number Six Software out of McLean, VA where Gary took on the VP of Sales and Marketing role. Gary served on the executive team of Number Six through two more acquisitions before successfully selling the company to a public consulting entity. In this span of 16+ years, Gary has been involved as an Executive in three high-growth technology companies participating in seven merger/acquisitions and the creation of over $135M in additional shareholder equity. Gary holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.