Care Coordination
For the Complex, Multi-Chronic Disease Patient Population.

BLOG: SDoH Can Derail Your Carefully Constructed Care Plans Consider, for a moment, some statistics... 8% of US adults report that they have at least two chronic conditions. 26% of US adults say that they had experienced emotional distress in the past year that was difficult to cope with alone. US adults were more likely than adults in all other countries to report that they were “always” or “usually” worrying about having enough money to buy nutritious meals and to pay their rent or mortgage.  It is not just the complex disease profile and treatment plan. In fact, those well-crafted plans can be easily derailed if the conditions in the places where people live, learn, work, and play are contributing to stress and lack of an ability to heal.

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Progressing to the future of healthcare


  • Improve patient retention
  • Decrease surgical wait times
  • Accurately assess acuity and risk
  • Standardize key pathways


  • Automate outcomes data collection
  • Boost practice improvement
  • Build cost and quality report cards


  • Recognize high-risk patients before surgery
  • Manage risks with revenue-generating services
  • Engage patients pre- and post- surgery
  • Reduce readmissions
  • Automate outcomes data collection


  • Recognize risk
  • Leverage conservative care
  • Report annual cost improvements

Population health

  • Accurately assess acuity and risk
  • Detect and treat co-morbidities (multi-specialty)
  • Focus process changes to lower costs
What our customers are saying
I have worked with Cordata Oncology for several years. This program helps me stay on track with follow-ups on my patients and helps assure no patient will fall through the cracks. I depend on the program for my job and to help my patients receive the care they deserve at our facility. The Cordata staff has always been available to help me with any questions that arise. We are thankful to have Cordata."
Terri Acton, RN,BSN,MS, CBPN-IC, OCN
Patient Navigator and Cancer Educator
IU Health Bloomington Hospital
I can’t imagine doing my job without Cordata Oncology. Its easy-to-use queue system is a valuable resource, helping me to know the status and next step of all my patients. Also, the people at Cordata are fantastic to work with.”
Andrea Kassem, RN
Oncology Patient Navigator
Baptist Health System
I have worked with Cordata Oncology for several years, and I know they do their best to understand and act upon my requests when it comes to using Cordata for my patient navigation. The operations team is always available to discuss my program needs."
Donna Boehm, RN
Patient Navigator and Breast Program Manager
HSHS St. Vincent Hospital
The Cordata Spine team and software system has provided the Salem Spine Center with the tools needed to develop a highly integrated and comprehensive program in spine care. Cordata Spine allows our nurse navigators to personally coordinate and guide our patients through the multitude of spine options, in an effective and seamless approach, to provide exceptional service – every time."
Jane Ray RN, MSN
Spine Center Manager/Care Coordinator Salem Spine Center
Salem Health
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