Connecting.  Healing. Together.

Cordata is dedicated to expanding the support for individuals fighting chronic, complex diseases.  Beyond support for direct treatment, we know these individuals recover faster and at lower costs if they are connected to support for the other aspects of their lives – jobs, family, financial assistance, peer involvement and emotional distress.

Welcome to Cordata Care

We are redefining total care – Cordata Care – as a holistic approach combining physical health treatments and mental health treatments with the intentional creation of a social support network made up of community services, family members, lay peers and other positive influences to help individuals traverse these long and difficult pathways. Our technology and services are focused to help individuals and their providers to merge these key aspects of recovery into a service that individuals can readily access and easily understand.

Addressing Social Determinants of Health

Unlike so many companies focused on identifying the issues with the large population of co-morbid individuals that drive the cost of healthcare in the US, or identifying the relationships between physical and mental co-morbidities that reduce treatment success in so many populations, or the relationships between social determinants in a community and rampant and growing health issues, we are bringing solutions to these populations in the form of integrated care and support.

How do you solve the problems in these large populations that dominate analysis of the failures of the US Healthcare system? One person at a time, wholly understood – physically, mentally, socially – wholly supported – clinically, financially, emotionally, by family and friends.  

The path to a solution isn’t just in affecting community Social Determinants of Health (SDoH), but also addressing the Individual Determinants for each high risk, complex, co-morbid patient and supporting all their needs on the road to recovery.

This is Cordata Care. This is our mission.
This is Cordata.