Cincinnati, OH – September 26, 2017: Cordata Community, a leader in care coordination and patient engagement technology designed for addiction and other community health issues, is pleased to announce further expansion of the use of their Community software in responding to the opioid crisis in Greater Cincinnati. Butler County, OH, an early adopter of QRT in Ohio, will convert to the Cordata software to streamline their efforts to engage more overdose victims, guide them into treatment programs and follow up during the course of their recovery.

Butler County has successful, but manual, QRT efforts up and running in both Middletown and Hamilton and plans to expand these efforts to an additional county-wide QRT in the next year. Middletown, specifically, has been working in the field for more than a year now and has seen significant success in moving overdose victims closer to treatment. A Fire/EMS driven QRT model, they have managed the effort and collected data in spreadsheets during their first year. However, this process was becoming unwieldy and needed to be optimized. They turned to Cordata after visiting the Cincinnati QRT teams and recognizing that nationally, Cordata’s tools and technology are being used by the majority of QRTs, typically replacing these manual paper documents, spreadsheets and basic surveys.

This expansion of coverage, combined with Cordata’s partnership, will allow for a streamlined follow up effort and better tracking using common software and a common data model with other QRTs in the area. It is hoped that in the coming years, this volume of common community data can lead to key trends and best practices that can accelerate the pace of progress against this critical epidemic.

“We are humbled by Butler County’s decision to move to Cordata as they are recognized as an early adopter of QRT and a model of success,” said Cordata’s founder and CEO, Gary Winzenread. “Cordata is excited to work with this experienced team to streamline their efforts and, hopefully, significantly improve their already impressive results.”

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