January 23, 2020 (Ithaca, NY): The Cayuga Center for Neurosciences offers comprehensive spine services that are coordinated by dedicated spine navigators for efficient access to the neurosurgery team. With the addition of Cordata as their care coordination platform, the spine disease navigators can efficiently manage incoming referrals for appropriate and swift movement of patients to the right provider with appropriate supporting data elements. 

As patients are provided with customized care plans for surgery or more conservative care (such as pain management or physical therapy), the navigators can use the Cordata platform to visualize all of the elements of care as they are unfolding for their patients. Additionally, Cayuga will benefit from Cordata’s patient engagement capabilities to gather real-time symptom data, outcome surveys, and key disease feedback from patients. 

“We are pleased to have Cayuga on board with our other long-term spine clients,” said Gary Winzenread, CEO of Cordata Healthcare. “By tailoring the visibility of their spine patients down to the case level, the Spine Center can ultimately look forward to the achievement of more favorable outcomes and higher program satisfaction for its spine patients.”

About Cayuga

Cayuga Medical Center launched its neurosurgery program in 1996. In 2013, after nearly two decades of steady growth, we became clinically connected with the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) Department of Neurosurgery. This important relationship has increased regional access to advanced neurosurgery. Area residents have the advantages of excellent local neurosurgery and a direct link to one of the most highly rated neurosciences programs in the nation. 

The Cayuga Neurosurgeons specialize in the surgical treatment of conditions of the brain and the spinal cord. They use the most advanced computer and imaging technology in the diagnosis of neurologic problems and in the operating room during surgery. Our Spine Center neurosurgeons manage the surgical treatment of patients with spinal problems, tumors of the central nervous system and congenital abnormalities.

About Cordata Healthcare

Cordata is dedicated to expanding the support for individuals fighting chronic, complex diseases. Our software platform and apps, data-driven insights and process templates are designed to help community and healthcare organizations effectively manage their most complex cases – from opioid addiction and behavioral health, to spine, oncology and bariatrics. Across the complete treatment lifecycle, we track outcomes and gather clinical evidence to clarify what works and to improve treatment paths over time.