The world changed in early 2020 when the Coronavirus hit the US and shut down the economy by requiring people to stay at home, or at least at a safe social distance. While the progress of the virus is being slowed by the measures we have taken, we need to resume social interaction and return to work. Unfortunately,with regained freedom comes the risk of another outbreak. Most experts agree we will need to substantially improve our abilities to manage this risk in order to return to normal while we pursue a vaccine.

What is Needed

Employers will need to create new processes to manage their employees entering and exiting the workforce as they interact and their risks of contracting the disease change. They will need to consider utilization of staff, especially those that require specific certifications or licensing, by identifying employees cleared to work. These capabilities will allow for proactive follow-up of exposures due to the high transmissibility of COVID-19, creating fewer exposures for staff and customers. And importantly, reduce negative outcomes for staff while reducing corporate liability that comes from lack of action. It bears mentioning that others, in addition to employers, may very well need to track exposure, such as volunteers, event attendees, and students.

Cordata’s Back-to-Work (B2W)Product Offering

Cordata’s B2W offering provides a way to track COVID-19 exposure and incidence. B2W is built on a proven HIPAA-compliant platform used to manage sensitive medical information protected by the ADA. Based on Cordata’s powerful configuration engine, B2W can be deployed in a short time frame, is easy-to-learn, and scalable. Given the dynamic nature of emerging COVID-19 protocols,the software can be adjusted for new requirements easily without the need for code changes or new deployments. B2W provides:
  • Assessment and tracking of individuals’ COVID-19 status, protocols and safety measures
  • Facilitation of communication to employees about testing or screening required to work in shared/communal facilities
  • Reinforcement of processes and safety through workflows
  • Robust reporting capabilities
  • For healthcare related environments, integration with other Cordata solutions for optimal coordinated care and patient engagement
  • Openness to integrations with other systems
Cordata’s mission is to serve organizations through the Back-to-Work software and support.If you want to know more about how the B2W product can help monitor your team’s health, contact