Cincinnati, OH – April 2, 2019: Cordata Healthcare Innovations, LLC is pleased to announce its collaboration with Chicago-based Cancer IQ, Inc. Under the arrangement, Cordata – whose specialty care coordination platform drives timely insights for more than 100 hospitals and health systems across the country – will integrate and deliver CancerIQ’s evidence-based risk assessment products as part of its expanding ecosystem. This will make it easier for Cordata platform users to identify, assess, and coordinate care across the continuum for patients who are at high risk for cancer.

”Cordata understands the complexity of coordinating care for the cancer patient through their active treatment. We also recognize that the care coordination can start many months or years before an actual diagnosis. Our partnership with CancerIQ allows us to offer our clients access to CancerIQ’s product and the imperative risk information it delivers.” says Gary Winzenread, President and CEO of Cordata. “By easily integrating the CancerIQ platform with the Cordata platform, our users can now identify and assess high-risk patients, and also coordinate preventive care throughout their lifetimes.”

The CancerIQ software will offer care coordinators and navigators the ability to fast-screen patients for increased risk for various cancers. It will also streamline the risk assessment workflow so that Genetic Specialists can spend less time focused on manual work and more time on their clinical expertise. The work that navigators do to determine next steps in a patient’s cancer treatment journey will increasingly involve a family history analysis and genetic testing – and CancerIQ makes that process seamless.

National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) Guidelines® are woven into the solution. These guidelines are the recognized standard for clinical policy in cancer care and are the most thorough and most frequently updated clinical practice guidelines available in any area of medicine.

Many of the Cordata user care coordinators are accessing patients as early as their screening or diagnostic events and the easy connection with CancerIQ allows the Cordata user to deepen their work with the patient to include risk management coordination.

“We are excited to partner with Cordata because risk assessment needs to be part of every patient’s journey through the health system,” said Feyi Olopade Ayodele, co-founder and CEO of CancerIQ. “Cordata users will now be able to add genetics navigation tasks to their plate without needing to leave their current system, and more importantly – be more successful in getting more patients to vital genetic testing services.”

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About CancerIQ
CancerIQ’s technology enables hospitals to identify, evaluate and manage entire patient populations based on individual genetic risk factors. By analyzing family history, running predictive risk models and automating NCCN guidelines, CancerIQ empowers community-based providers with the genetic expertise to prevent cancer or catch it early. The platform has been rapidly adopted by some of the top health systems in the country and fully integrates with genetics laboratories, EHRs, and specialty software vendors to streamline workflow, guide clinician decision making, achieve cost savings, and – most importantly – improve patient outcomes. Learn more about how CancerIQ is scaling the use of genetic testing to predict, preempt and prevent disease at