Children experiencing the foster care system present with significant and complex medical, emotional, and behavioral needs that require increased care and close attention from their caseworkers and clinicians. However, information disparities create significant challenges including disruptions in care, placement changes, and delays in securing the most appropriate treatment due to the lack of proper support required to serve this high-needs population.

To address this issue, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, one of the largest pediatric hospitals in the United States, and Franklin County Children Services, an agency supporting over 30,000 children and families, have partnered with Cordata Healthcare Innovations to launch an initiative to improve the health and well-being of children and youth experiencing foster care.

This partnership will enable Nationwide Children’s and Franklin County Children Services to utilize Cordata IDENTITY, a platform that safely and securely exchanges information between hospitals and child welfare systems, to meet the healthcare needs of children and youth experiencing protective custody.  Especially during the current foster care and placement crisis being experienced throughout the United States, this capability is critical to improved care coordination.

Youth in protective custody already face so many challenges. Receiving coordinated healthcare should not be one of them. We are excited to partner with Franklin County Children Services in launching Cordata IDENTITY. This technology allows for timely sharing of important information to provide optimal healthcare for youth in protective custody and will facilitate continuity of care and integration of services.”

 – Dr. Megan Letson

Cordata IDENTITY bridges the information gap by placing critical information at the fingertips of clinicians and caseworkers, allowing everyone involved in a child’s care to stay up to date on information pertinent to their health and wellbeing. By eliminating information disparities, Cordata IDENTITY enables health professionals to provide ongoing training and educational support to all caregivers of children experiencing out-of-home care ensuring optimal health outcomes for this incredibly vulnerable population of children.

Nationwide Children’s Hospital joins Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and Dayton Children’s Hospital as the third major pediatric hospital in Ohio to partner with Cordata on this initiative. This expansion ensures continuity of care for all children and youth experiencing the foster care system and other forms of out-of-home care in Ohio. By providing clinicians and caseworkers with the information they need to deliver the best possible care during a difficult workforce crisis, these partnerships help to ensure that children and youth in protective custody can reach their fullest potential.

“It is imperative, especially given the challenges for our child welfare workforce, to keep pace with this demand to recognize and respond to the most complex, chronic and critical needs of our children and youth who count on us the most. We must enable our providers, practitioners, and caregivers with the ability to deliver quality care and make sound recommendations that directly support and care for children who are experiencing a devastating crisis.”  

Rich Bowlen, Cordata Sr. VP Child and Family Services


About Nationwide Children’s Hospital: Named to the Top 10 Honor Roll on U.S. News & WorldReport’s 2023-24 list of “Best Children’s Hospitals,” Nationwide Children’s Hospital is one of America’s largest not-for-profit free-standing pediatric health care systems providing unique expertise in pediatric population health, behavioral health, and health equity as the next frontiers in pediatric medicine, leading to best outcomes for the health of the whole child. Integrated clinical and research programs, as well as prioritizing quality and safety, are part of what allows Nationwide Children’s to advance its unique model of care. Nationwide Children’s has a staff of more than 14,000 that provides state-of-the-art wellness, preventive and rehabilitative care and diagnostic treatment to more than 1.7 million patient visits annually. As home to the Department of Pediatrics of The Ohio State University College of Medicine, Nationwide Children’s physicians train the next generation of pediatricians and pediatric specialists. The Abigail Wexner Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital is one of the Top 10 National Institutes of Health-funded free-standing pediatric research facilities. More information is available at 


About Franklin County Children Services: Children Services is the public agency mandated by federal and state law to ensure that our community’s children are safe and well cared for. We provide protection, care, and permanency for children who are abused, neglected, or dependent. By being in partnership with more than 100 agencies and organizations, and with the help of over 700 employees, 500 kinship families, 200 adoptive families, 500 volunteers and mentors, and hundreds of community foster parents, the agency is committed to making sure that every child has a safe and stable home. Children Services’ social workers and support staff work to build stable and supportive living settings for young people, strengthen family life, and assist parents in meeting their responsibilities to their children.  For more information on supporting children experiencing foster care, visit Franklin County Children Services (


About Cordata: Cordata Healthcare Innovations is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company connecting communities and healthcare organizations to better serve at-risk populations by coordinating treatment and community resources. Cordata’s core technology platform provides specific solutions that improve outcomes for patients with complex diseases, individuals battling addiction or mental illness, children in foster care, and victims of interpersonal violence. More information can be found at