Cordata Healthcare Innovations Inc., a leader in building new technology and infrastructure to serve America’s highest-risk patient populations, is proud to announce the acquisition of Operation 2 Save Lives (O2SL) and QRT National, two of the nation’s leading law-enforcement led community organizations creating non-arrest pathways to recovery. 

Cordata plans to support O2SL and QRT National’s proven methodology and independent operation, providing the resources and technology needed for them to expand their reach to even more communities across the country.

Cordata and O2SL and QRT National have enjoyed a longstanding partnership, working collaboratively to improve community health outcomes. This integration marks the next logical step in this partnership, enhancing the ability of both organizations to further support field teams, drive sustainability, and build field fidelity. 

“When it comes to enabling engagement of at-risk patient populations and creating non-arrest pathways to recovery, no organization is more effective than O2SL and QRT National,” said Gary Winzenread, CEO of Cordata Healthcare Innovations. “The more people they can reach, the better for everyone in our community health system. That’s why we’re stepping up to provide them with long-term sustainability, as well as giving them access to our powerful community health intervention technology.” 

“Having worked closely with Cordata for many years, we are excited to join forces officially. Our shared vision and complementary services will allow us to offer unparalleled support to communities, ensuring they receive the best possible care and assistance,” stated Scott Allen, former COO at OS2L  and QRT National.


A Proven Addiction Intervention and Recovery Strategy, Powered By Next-Generation Community Health Technology

Cordata’s resources and technology will enable O2SL and QRT National to expand and strengthen their proven intervention methods directly in the field. 

“We have learned that teams in the field require robust support to maintain fidelity and drive sustainability. Each element is crucial, and together, they form the backbone of effective community interventions. By combining our resources and expertise, we aim to better serve the field and communities nationwide, building a sustainable model that can be replicated across the country.” said Michael Brooks, COO of Cordata Healthcare Innovations.

Patients engaged in the field by O2SL and QRT National staff can then be connected to Cordata’s suite of care coordination and delivery services, enabling seamless collaboration between community health workers and health providers. 

By leveraging data, we aim to drive sustainability and ensure that our interventions are effective and impactful.

“O2SL and QRT National have deep law enforcement expertise, and Cordata comes from a healthcare background. But we share a common goal – to make communities healthier and safer by delivering support to people who are vulnerable. With the expertise of O2SL and QRT National, we will be better equipped to ensure our interventions are effective and impactful, and we can support collaboration with meaningful, real time data. We want to help teams make informed decisions and deliver targeted, effective support to their communities, and we can demonstrate the partnerships that we’re helping people build.” said Dr. Kelly Firesheets, VP of Strategy and Partnerships of Cordata Healthcare Innovations.

This strategic move will also enable Cordata to expand its capability even further nationally, offering comprehensive support to more communities across the country. 


Ensuring A Sustainable Future for O2SL and QRT National

As part of their agreement to acquire O2SL and QRT National, Cordata has taken an extra step to demonstrate their commitment to improving outcomes for all patients. 

Cordata won’t prevent other healthcare platforms and organizations from leveraging O2SL and QRT National — even if they’re competitors to Cordata. 

“We refuse to reduce the options communities have to help populations struggling with mental health and addiction issues by taking a critical resource like O2SL and QRT National and making it serve one organization alone,” said Gary Winzenread, CEO of Cordata Healthcare Innovations. “This acquisition is not just a business strategy; it’s a commitment to our mission of enhancing community health and safety.”

O2SL and QRT National’s key leaders; Scott Allen, Mike Botieri, and Dan Meloy, are excited to be officially joining the Cordata family, whose mission and vision mirrors their nearly 100 years combined public safety service.


About Cordata Healthcare Innovations, Inc.:

Cordata Healthcare Innovations, Inc. is a leading provider of care coordination solutions that connect high-risk, difficult-to-reach populations to treatment and support.  We focus on improving outcomes for individuals and communities through data-driven approaches and innovative technology. Our solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of each community, providing comprehensive support and enhancing overall well-being. For more information, visit Cordata Healthcare Innovations.

About Operation 2 Save Lives and QRT National:

O2SL and QRT National provide integrated solutions to address substance use disorders and behavioral health issues through collaborative community responses. Their work focuses on creating non-arrest pathways to treatment and recovery, fostering collaboration between law enforcement, public health agencies, and community organizations.  Their services include training programs and other essential resources aimed at improving community safety and health outcomes. Learn more about their services at O2SL and QRT National.



Disclaimer: This press release contains forward-looking statements regarding Cordata Healthcare Innovations, Inc. and the acquisition of Operation to Save Lives and QRT National. These statements are based on current expectations, forecasts, and assumptions and involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual outcomes and results to differ materially.