Long-time Cordata client Salem Health has upgraded its Cordata Spine Platform to Cordata Maximizer, which offers advanced patient care coordination and population management capabilities, as well as consensus-based protocol integration. The foundation is Cordata’s proven workflows, ease of individual case views and communication tools that enable effective care coordination and patient navigation. 

The Salem Spine Center brings together independently practicing neurosurgeons to serve patients within a hospital-based comprehensive treatment program. The center has always recognized the need to effectively coordinate with referring physicians, patients, spine specialists and surgeons to accelerate treatment for patients needing care for spine, neck and back pain. The Salem Health Spine Center’s triage and patient navigation program, now known as guided patient services (GPS), opened in 2008. It started as a way to speed up the referral process and help patients understand their options for care. The center also provides extensive patient education. 

The Salem Health Spine Center is an official Spine Center of Excellence (COE), as certified by the Joint Commission. Earning Center of Excellence recognition makes Salem Health Spine Center a role model for other spine centers all over the country to follow when they create their own programs. It has also been recognized by Becker’s Hospital Review as a “Great Spine and Neurosurgery Program,” and as a Blue Distinction Center of Excellence for Spine Surgery.

“The Cordata Spine team and software system has provided the Salem Spine Center with the tools needed to develop a highly integrated and comprehensive program in spine care,” said Jane Ray, RN, MSN, Spine Center Manager/Care Coordinator, Salem Spine Center. “Cordata Spine allows our nurse navigators to personally coordinate and guide our patients through the multitude of spine options, in an effective and seamless approach, to provide exceptional service – every time.”

About Salem Health

Based in Salem, Oregon, the mission of Salem Health is to improve the health and well-being of the people and communities we serve. Its facilities include Salem Hospital, West Valley Hospital in Dallas, Oregon and Salem Health clinics spread throughout the mid-Willamette Valley. Salem Health serves patients across Marion, Polk, Benton, Lincoln and Yamhill counties. We are proud to partner with the best physicians in the region to bring you these top-rank services.

About Cordata Healthcare

Cordata is dedicated to expanding the support for individuals fighting chronic, complex diseases. Our software platform and apps, data-driven insights and process templates are designed to help community and healthcare organizations effectively manage their most complex cases – from opioid addiction and behavioral health, to spine, oncology and bariatrics. Across the complete treatment lifecycle, we track outcomes and gather clinical evidence to clarify what works and to improve treatment paths over time.