Twin Cities Recovery Project (TCRP), a Minneapolis-based non-profit that provides comprehensive support to people struggling with substance use disorders, has partnered with Cordata, a software company that provides solutions to better support at-risk populations, to improve care coordination and data management. The partnership will enable TCRP to expand services, manage resources, identify trends, and improve outcomes for the people they serve.

Established in 2016, TCRP is a Recovery Community Organization (RCO) that provides a range of services to help people with substance use disorders achieve long-term recovery and sustainable health. Their comprehensive approach focuses on the needs of the whole person, not just their addiction, and includes community events, support groups, peer recovery coaching, education and training, and an outreach initiative to provide harm reduction equipment, program information, and essential needs packages to members of the community.

TCRP partners with many organizations to promote services, resources, and safe spaces for those seeking help in the recovery community. Cordata will provide TCRP with a single, integrated platform with the necessary tools to improve collaboration, efficiency, and effectiveness, thus enabling TCRP to provide more seamless support to their partners and the people they serve.

“At TCRP, we are committed to changing one life at a time,” said Karissa Mariee, Chief Operations Officer at TCRP. “The partnership with Cordata will enable our team to meet people where they are and support them on their journey to recovery.”

Cordata supports programs like TCRP by offering a unique grassroots approach that combines technology solutions with on-the-ground support. This approach empowers teams to make the most of the technology and continuously expand to meet the needs of their communities.

“Recovery Support Organizations like TCRP are a crucial part of any community’s recovery ecosystem,” said Kelly Firesheets, Vice President of Strategy and Partnerships at Cordata. “We are proud to be part of the network of support that TCRP provides to people in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, and we look forward to learning with them as they find new and creative ways to promote recovery in their hometown.”

About Cordata

Cordata Healthcare Innovations is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company connecting communities and healthcare organizations to better serve at-risk populations by coordinating treatment and community resources. Cordata’s core technology platform provides specific solutions that improve outcomes for patients with complex diseases, individuals battling addiction or mental illness, and children in foster care. More information can be found at

About TCRP

Twin Cities Recovery Project Inc.’s mission is to offer assistance and support to those suffering from substance use disorder in their transition toward lifestyles of health and productivity by offering a drug free environment as well as resources to develop the whole person. This will enable them to build healthy and positive relationships and to become productive members of society.